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Good music speads like a wildfire. Utilizing online media, DJ Pool and radio delivery, reaching new audiences is easy. HMG helps you to find new fans and grow your brand utilizing specialized tools based on your content.

Industry Campaign DJ POOL DELIVERY

Target over 20,000 DJ's, chart reporters, and industry professionals with your release

HMG DJ Pool campaigns are designed for artists and labels that introducing a new project or single to the music community, labels promoting a project, and/or testing the impact of a single before official public release.

We add your new music release to the HMG digital library, which is showcased to chart reporting and independent DJ's and professional release services. We provide access to over twenty thousand DJs and Industry professionals worldwide and your assigned representative will assist you with reporting feedback from industry sources, providing a detailed summary regarding the impact of your release. 

Digital Delivery REACH THE MEDIA


Digital Music Delivery To The Most Influential Sources in Music

Musical content will be reviewed by a representative assigned to your genre
We will publish your music and videos to digital locations, specifically chosen to increase visibility in a chosen target market.

A detailed reporting of locations and links will follow along with information on how to make your campaign most effective for your brand. This includes sharing provided links through social networks to inform current fans and attract new fans by increasing exposure.

Sattellite | Cable | More RADIO & TELEVISION DELIVERY

Reach The Masses From XM Satellite Radio to Music Choice and more...

Reaching mainstream media is a key aspect of taking a single or album project to the next level. Our Promotions team will work with you to ensure the correct stations and mediums are targeted for maximum campaign results. HMG provides access to multiple broadcast formats including, but not limited to: XM Sattelite Radio, VEVO, and Music Choice.

Apparel | Novelties | & More PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE


Promotional Merchandise

Promotional items help spread the name of your brand as well as providing a "piece of you" to take home. We assist you with putting a spin on the traditional methods of promotional items and bring new products that can increase your brand recognition.

We assist with everything from product design and creation to sales. Need E-Commerce setup and management HMG has experience handling high volume orders, and working with multiple mediums of sales & offers from: store merch, VIP merch, tickets, bundle contents, sweepstakes prizes, fan club membership packages. We choose the best shipping for your region to make sure fans get their gear fast! We can setup International shipping as well as handling communication with fans including: shipping confirmations, SMS alerts, post-ship surveys. </>

  • Keychains
  • posters
  • cell phone cases
  • bracelets - *name of single or album* or logo 
  • styrophone cup
  • plastic cups 
  • hats (beanies, snap backs)
  • bandanas
  • backpacks
  • glow sticks
  • lighters
  • deck of cards
  • head phones
  • USBs
  • gym towels
  • calendar - desk
  • magnets
  • socks
  • hoodies
  • tshirts
  • tanks
  • sweat pants
  • sweat shirts
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