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Digital Media Encoding monitors the airplay playlists from all of major radio stations across the country. Once a song is encoded, and receives spins on any major radio station, the reports are used for royalty collection and by label to determine where and how to further market their artists music.

When music is not encoded, any spins on radio are not tracked and the artist will not receive royalties for the spins. This also makes it harder for your external or internal marketing team to create effective strategies.

As spins are tracked, this report will allow your music to spread to larger stations who use this data to determine which music to add to their playlists. Billboard charts also use this information as a one of the factors that determine who will chart and in what position.

Hickory Music Group provides Digital Media Encoding for BDS (Broadcast Data System) and Mediabase, the industry standard monitoring systems used by major radio stations across the country including Hot 97, Power 105, and Sirius XM stations.

HMG Digital Encoding tracks all spins, provides reports on nationwide and satellite stations who pick up the release.
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